European Gourmet Ceramic Garlic Grater

This Ceramic Garlic Grater is so easy to use. Normally you either use a Garlic Press or a Knife to grate Garlic.With a Garlic Press you end up with half of the Garlic, the other half is still inside, you have to take a Knife to scoop it out, and spend a lot of time to clean, with a Knife you will create small
pieces, the pieces burn in the pan and eventually burn the stomach.

Our European Gourmet Garlic Grater is the BEST tool for Garlic and Ginger.

Take your Grater, run it under some cool water before you start using it, this is the only rule to
follow, use it moist for moist items (Garlic, Ginger) for dry items you want completely dry.

There are 4 great styles to choose from and each set comes with a Garlic Peeler and Brush.





Take a clove of Garlic and rub it, up and down or side to side.  The European Gourmet GRATER does all the work for you, now by doing that you have created a grated Garlic, mining it's aromatic flavor in a paste. The finer the garlic is... the better the flavor, and the easier
to digest.



Ginger is very hard and has a lot of fiber, you can't really have small pieces, and when you do you are
loosing all the juice on the cutting board, with European Gourmet GRATER, by rubbing the Ginger you will have all the
essential oil, and juice from the Ginger, without the fibers, perfect every time.

You are going to get 3 times more flavor out of anything you grate!


Use it dry for Nutmeg, how about Parmesan Cheese, now you can set the European Gourmet GRATER on the table, and everyone can grate their own cheese. Lemon for lemon zest, Chocolate for your ice cream....

Our European Gourmet  Ceramic Garlic Grater  was recenty featured on the Today show with  Giada De Laurentiis of "Everyday Italian" on the Today Show - click the icon below to see it!


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