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All of our products quality is UNCONDITIONALLY guaranteed for life.  So don't be fooled by cheap teflon  flimsy aluminum copies.  We also guarantee your perfect satisfaction with the Grill It.  Try it for 30, 60 even 90 days and if for any reason, it is not something you want to keep, we'll refund your  purchase price - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.




  • The European Gourmet Grater and the Indoor Smokeless Grill
  • What Can They Do?
    The European Gourmet Ceramic Garlic Grater

This Ceramic Garlic Grater is so easy to use, It make you look like a Master Chef in minutes.  Our Garlic Grater is the BEST tool for Garlic and Ginger. So easy to operate that  the whole family  will have fun with it.

The Garlic Grater is a wonderful and simple tool to use.  Click the EURO GRATER   tab above to learn more. See Grill below this graphic.

    The Indoor Smokeless Grill

Our grill easily converts your kitchen stove into an Indoor Smokeless Bar’b’Que. Get that Outdoor Grill taste any time of year right from your own indoor kitchen stove. We have these built specifically to create outdoor grilling magic indoors.  Add wine or beer to the grill and you have a gourmet taste unmatched by traditional outdoor grilling.  Click the Our Grill tab above to learn more.





  • What's New?
  • The Indoor Smokeless Grill was recently featured at the Paula Deen Celebrity Chef  Charity Show
  • Our European Gourmet  Ceramic Garlic Grater  was recenty featured on the Today show with  Giada De Laurentiis of "Everyday Italian" on the Today Show - click the icon below to see it!


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